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I’m Eva, Founder of Le Petit Tarot.

Since I was a child, I knew that I had inherited a gift from my mother, and her mother, and my father’s mother. All three of them shared stories with me about their various psychic experiences, so it only made sense for me to have some sort of “clair-you-name-it” skill.

So…how did I venture off the corporate trail and on to a tarot path? I woke up one morning and found myself in a fabulous, yet unfulfilling career, and I knew I needed some answers.

I was traveling in Salt Lake City and visited a bookstore to have a tarot reading with a very intuitive man named Ross. I flooded him with questions and he provided me with guidance that empowered me to move into a life changing direction. Ross and I stayed in touch, and in one reading, he shared that I had the ability to help others through tarot.

Gasp! Could helping people through Tarot be my life’s purpose?

I am grateful for Ross for giving me the nudge. Tarot cards are powerful, and it’s an honor to have a gift that I can share with others. I have seen transformations in client’s lives in the matter of a few tarot cards. My goal is to help you harness your power, get back on course, and achieve your dreams!

Wherever you are in life, I invite you to join me to open your mind and heart to endless possibilities. And, we’ll have some fun along the way…

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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