“I had a tarot reading with Eva when I was visiting LA. I recently had a relationship end and I was feeling upset and confused. She was able to bring me clarity and give me guidance on how to move on and see what I really wanted. Eva was professional, compassionate and fun!” ~KM, New York, NY



“I have had Eva do tarot for me in person a few times so far. She definitely has a talent for being an open channel for your own spiritual insight. I’m always excited for another reading!” ~Chloe Reeder, Los Angeles, CA

“Eva’s charming, insightful and full of wit. I’ve had a couple of readings done and every time it was delightful and wise–pretty spot on. Definitely made me think about the events that have taken place in my life, made me reevaluate my actions, and anticipate what’s to come. Thanks for the words of wisdom and seeing things come to fruition! Always exciting.” ~Brittany, Los Angeles, CAIMG_20181230_234526.jpg

“I had a wonderful Tarot reading with Eva. She is a great channel and interpreter for the messages coming through the cards.  I am looking forward to re-connecting with her for another reading in the new year!” ~Patti, Marin County, CA    IMG-20180616-WA0003
Eva did a reading for me when I had only two weeks left at my job, and I was worried, as I hadn’t figured out my next steps. After spending time with her studying and discussing my cards, I felt so much calmer and even a little excited about new possibilities that I’d never allowed myself to consider before. I continued to process the reading for several days. I remember I had gotten one card that I thought didn’t apply to me at all, only to have a huge Ah Ha! moment about it the next day. Thank you, Eva!
~Laura, Marin County, CA
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